World Public Holidays

Public holidays throughout the world this week:
This news feed of worldwide public holidays for week 17 comes from the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database, the professional source of worldwide public holidays. To see the public holidays names, place your mouse over the name of a country.

Monday April 24
  • Armenia (Armenian Remembrance Day)
  • Belarus (Public Holiday (workday moved to Sat. Apr. 29))
  • Brunei (Isra Mikraj (The Prophet's Ascension))
  • Comoros (Leilat al-Meiraj (The Prophet's Ascension))
  • Djibouti (Al Isra et Al Mirague (The Prophet's Ascension))
  • Indonesia (The Prophet's Ascension (Isra' Mi'raj Nabi Muhammad SAW))
  • Malaysia (Israk dan Mikraj (KDH NSN PLS) [Regional])
  • Malaysia (Public Holiday (Installation of Muhammad V of Kelantan as Malaysia's King))
  • Mayotte (Miradji (The Prophet's Ascension) [Muslim])
  • Moldova (Memory/Parents' Day (Pastele Blajinilor))
  • Niger (Concord Day)
  • Philippines (The Prophet's Ascension (Lailatul Isra Wal Mi'raj) (ARMM) [Regional])
  • Somalia (Miraaj Nabi / The Prophet's Ascension (Somaliland) [Regional])
  • Spain (Community Day Holiday (AR) [Regional])
  • Spain (Community Day Holiday (CL) [Regional])
  • Transdniestria (All Souls' Day)
  • WestBankandGaza (The Prophet's Ascension)

  • Tuesday April 25
  • Australia (ANZAC Day)
  • Belarus (Radunitsa (Ancestors Veneration Day))
  • ChristmasIsland (ANZAC Day)
  • Cocos (ANZAC Day)
  • CookIslands (ANZAC Day)
  • Egypt (Sinai Liberation Day)
  • FaroeIslands (National Flag Day [Afternoon])
  • India (Mairaj-ul-Alam / Shab-i-Meiraj (JK) [Regional])
  • Iran (The Prophet's Ascension (Mabaath))
  • Italy (Liberation Day)
  • NewZealand (ANZAC Day)
  • Niue (ANZAC Day)
  • NorfolkIsland (ANZAC Day)
  • NorthKorea (Korean People's Army Foundation Day)
  • Oman (Al Israa Wal Miraj (The Prophet's Ascension))
  • Portugal (Liberation Day (Dia do 25 de Abril))
  • Swaziland (National Flag Day)
  • Tonga (ANZAC Day)

  • Wednesday April 26
  • Malaysia (State Public Holiday (TRG) [Regional])
  • Tanzania (Union Day)
  • USVirginIslands (Public Sector Holiday (afternoon) [Government])

  • Thursday April 27
  • Aruba (King's Birthday)
  • Bonaire,StEustatiusandSaba (King's Birthday)
  • Curaçao (King's Birthday)
  • Kuwait (The Prophet's Ascension (day in lieu))
  • Mayotte (Abolition Day)
  • Netherlands (King's Birthday)
  • Philippines (Public Sector Holiday (Manila) (ASEAN Summit) [Regional/Government])
  • SierraLeone (Independence Day)
  • SintMaarten (King's Day)
  • Slovenia (Resistance Day)
  • SouthAfrica (Freedom Day)
  • Togo (Independence Day)
  • USVirginIslands (Public Sector Holiday [Government])

  • Friday April 28
  • Afghanistan (Victory Day)
  • Barbados (National Heroes' Day)
  • Gibraltar (Workers' Memorial Day)
  • India (Maharshi Parasuram Jayanti (GJ HP HR) [Regional])
  • Philippines (Public Holiday (Manila) (ASEAN Summit) [Regional])
  • USVirginIslands (Public Sector Holiday [Government])
  • WallisandFutuna (Saint Pierre-Chanel Day)

  • Saturday April 29
  • India (Basava Jayanti (KA) [Regional])
  • India (Maharshi Parasuram Jayanti (MP PB) [Regional])
  • Japan (Showa Day)

  • Sunday April 30
  • Bonaire,StEustatiusandSaba (Rincon Day (BO) [Regional])
  • Vietnam (Liberation/Reunification Day)

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    Public holidays throughout the world today, Thursday, April 27, 2017

    The list of public holidays observed throughout the world today, Thursday, April 27, 2017, is brought to you by Q++ Studio, the professional source of worldwide public holidays.

    King's Birthday

    King's Birthday

    King's Birthday

    The Prophet's Ascension (day in lieu)

    Abolition Day

    King's Birthday

    Public Sector Holiday (Manila) (ASEAN Summit) [Regional/Government]

    Independence Day

    King's Day

    Resistance Day

    Freedom Day

    Independence Day

    Public Sector Holiday [Government]

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